Basic Price

Since January 2009, all health insurance compulsory – prescribed by the legislator in the health care reform – applies . This will make private health insurance compulsory for anyone who is not insured in a statutory health insurance. The insurance companies were obliged to offer a sector-wide base rate .

  • The base rate corresponds in terms of type, size and amount to the benefits of the SHI . The Kassenärztliche associations ensure the treatment of basic tariff patients
  • The basic tariff does not exceed the maximum amount for the statutory health insurance(corresponds to 2011 in approximately 618 euros with a GKV contribution rate of 15.5% and a contribution assessment limit of 4125 € per month) Gender and entrance age determine the amount of the contribution. Due to the industry-standard calculation, the contributions between the companies differ only slightly
  • If the insured person is in need of help and can not raise the contributions, then he pays only half of the contribution
  • The policyholders are admitted without a health examination. There are no risk premiums or exclusions due to pre-existing conditions
  • the interested party can choose the company freely , it is obligated to take up. Exception: in the past, the interested party already has a contract with the company, which was terminated due to fraudulent misrepresentation of the policyholder
  • The basic rates are also offered with a deductible of 300, 600, 900 and 1200 euros per year

As a result of the health care reform, it has now been ensured since January 2009 that people who have not yet been insured will also receive a minimum level of health insurance covering outpatient and inpatient care. However, the compulsory insurance also means that for persons who are still not insured (although compulsory since the beginning of 2009) premium supplements are due for each late month.

The basic rate in private health insurance is suitable for:

  • previously uninsured persons (eg after a longer stay abroad)
  • Beneficiaries (civil servants and pensioners) who were previously provided with the sole benefit of the employer
  • Private health insurance , who want to switch to the cheaper base rate to save contributions. The retirement provision of the previous tariff is fully credited to the contribution of the basic tariff
  • Seniors over 55 years , who want to change from the standard rate for pensioners in the lower base rate. The provisions for old age are taken over
  • voluntarily by law insured who want to switch to private health insurance, but are offered only expensive tariffs due to pre-existing conditions.