disclaimer for websites of pkv-beitrag.net

Every website operator should think about the liability for links and external content on their own pages.

Liability for content and links

As a way of minimizing legal risks, many webmasters use a disclaimer.

Most of these disclaimers have the following wording:

“By judgment of 12 May 1998 – 312 O 85/98 -” Liability for links “, the district court (LG) Hamburg has decided that by placing a link, the contents of the linked site may have to answer for can – according to the LG – only be prevented by expressly distancing oneself from these contents.Here we dissociate ourselves from the linked pages. “

However, one can argue about the meaning of such a disclaimer. The district court of Hamburg has just stated in this judgment that a blanket disclaimer for the content to which one links, is not sufficient.

You should therefore avoid putting a disclaimer on your pages, which is almost invariably regarded by lawyers as nonsensical. Some lawyers even assume that the author of such formulations already expects to link to legally questionable content. In that case, the intended liability exemption of the site operator may be reversed. Since helps then no insurance policy more. Even as a web designer, you should not offer your customers such a questionable disclaimer.

Moreover, it is also a very contradictory behavior to recommend a link to the users, but then “expressly” dissociate themselves from the contents of the linked pages.

The following notes are in our opinion more appropriate to point out the responsibility of the respective site operator. In addition, the disclaimer also contains some clarifying statements on copyright and data protection. You may be able to oppose statements such as “I did not know I could not copy your content” or “I assumed you could be interested in this promotional email”.

Takeover of the pkv-beitrag sample liability disclaimer

You are welcome to copy and paste the following disclaimer for your pages. Alternatively, you can generate an individual imprint with the e-Recht24 Imprint Generator, which already contains the disclaimer. Please note the following terms of use:

  • This disclaimer is a general pattern. As always with such general patterns, there will always be areas not covered by such pattern explanations. Due to the inconsistent jurisprudence on the subject “disclaimer on websites” we can not assume any liability in this regard.
  • A corresponding disclaimer alone can not exclude liability for deliberately placed unlawful links or content. However, in addition to the specific design of the respective website, it can be an argument for pointing out the respective responsibility according to the current legal regulations.
  • Please do not accept the disclaimer in excerpts, but only in total.
  • Be sure to include the source as a link.

Create your own disclaimer

Select the desired components for the disclaimer on your website below. The appropriate disclaimer for your website will be automatically compiled for you in the following text. Underneath you will find the source code for the inclusion in your website.