PKV Benefits

PKV benefits

What does private health insurance provide?

Health insurance (private health insurance) for non compulsory insured persons

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The comprehensive health insurance (PKV-full) can be concluded by the following groups of people:

  • Employees earning above the compulsory insurance limit (2010: EUR 49,500 gross annual income)
  • Self-employed & freelancers
  • doctor
  • students
  • Officials or civil servants with eligibility

The Private Health Insurance (PKV-Voll) is suitable to replace the statutory health insurance GKV.

In order to determine the efficiency of a PKV full, the insured can choose benefits from the following tariff groups:

  • Ambulatory tariffs , eg services for non-medical practitioners, alternative treatment methods, services for outpatient psychotherapy, etc.
  • Inpatient tariffs regulate the inpatient accommodation, eg at least a private patient in a twin room
  • Dental tariffs specifies the assumption of the costs for dental treatment and dentures, eg at least 80% dental treatment or 60% dentures
  • Nursing tariffs , required by law since 1995 – can only be voted out if long-term care insurance exists with another company
  • Daily sickness benefit rates safeguard the loss of earnings due to illness-related incapacity to work, eg for self-employed and freelancers already from the first day of sickness
  • Hospital daily allowance rates – covers the additional costs incurred by a hospital stay (eg single room surcharge, telephone, TV)
  • Preventive care rates reduce the contribution to private health insurance payable in old age
  • Pflegezusatztarif e increases the benefits of compulsory long-term care insurance
  • Other tariffs , for example, incurs additional costs for outpatient or inpatient cures that are not paid by the responsible service provider (professional association)

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