PKV contribution – Private health insurance – Calculator & Online Comparison

The PKV contribution comparison gives you an overview of contributions and benefits in private health insurance according to your personal requirements. Make a non-committal and free inquiry for more information about your private health insurance (PKV) online!

A comparison with the PKV contribution calculator is fast, 100% free and compared to the price and scope of service. He can help you choose a cheap private health insurance.

Calculation and height

For the amount of the contribution in the private health insurance, the income of the insured does not matter. Here, the private health insurance differs from the contribution calculation of the statutory health insurance funds and is therefore particularly interesting for employees with high incomes. Self-employed and freelancers can insure themselves independently of income in private health insurance.

The PKV contribution is rather dependent on the benefits that are contractually agreed and corresponds to the risk that the insured person represents at the beginning of the insurance relationship. Within certain limits, the amount of the PKV contribution can be influenced. Those who are privately insured at a young age pay less than older policyholders. A low entry age has an impact on the level of the health insurance contribution throughout the contract period.

The choice between different benefits also influences the amount of the PKV contribution. A tariff with strong inpatient services (eg single room, chief physician treatment) or high dental benefits is more expensive than a cheaper basic protection, which corresponds approximately to the level of performance of the statutory.

Posts in old age

A common argument against a private health insurance is that the private health insurance contribution increases significantly in old age and is priceless for many insured. The medical expenses increase for the insurance with increasing age of the insured. But in order to prevent priceless premiums, reserves are being created at an early age. (Saving percentage and statutory 10% surcharge for the age). High-performance insurances offer additional provisions that go beyond the statutory 10%.

Requirements and services

Around 9 million people in Germany are privately insured. Students, physicians, self-employed and civil servants can switch to private health insurance. Also employees and workers with an income above the compulsory insurance ceiling (year 2011 gross annual salary at least € 49,500) can take out private insurance.

The focus of private health insurance is the high health benefits and the drastic cost savings. Not the income of the insured, but primarily the age of entry, the gender, the scope of benefits and the health risk determine the PKV contribution.

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